Dave Painter

Dave Painter was born and raised in Mokane, Missouri in the bottom lands of the Missouri River.  He began playing guitar at the age of 9, and by 12 years old was performing at local fairs and schools.  He moved to Springfield in 1979 to attend Missouri State University where he received his Bachelor’s of Music degree in Guitar Performance.  While residing in Springfield, Dave has played with several local well known bands including The Bluesberries, Loon Rangers, and Don Shipps and the Titanic Blues Band.  

 Dave's first gig with the Dares was in 1998, and he filled in, off and on, as lead guitarist and background vocalist until 2004, when he became a permanent member.  Dave has taught guitar in Springfield for over 30 years and performed all over the United States.  He is considered to be one of the finest guitarists around, by peers and audiences alike.

 Active since 2004