Kelly Brown

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Studio Engineering from Boston’s Berklee College of Music.  Once freed from the confines of music academia, he quickly gravitated to playing in nightclubs, weddings, and bar mitzvahs.  He has recorded and toured with The Skeletons, and worked countless gigs around the Ozarks with Howie and the Hillcats, Rags to Rich's, with Music Professor Randy Hamm, and many others.  Kelly is considered to be one of the finest keyboard players around, and therefore in constant demand.  His skills at improvisation are beyond measure, and his contributions to the Daredevils’ sound elevate the energy and quality of their live shows and recordings.  

Having grown up in a Daredevil-fan household, he says the best time of his life was when, in 2007, he was given two weeks notice to prepare for the filming of the “Daredevils Revival” concert; he has been with the group ever since.  Married with children, Kelly spends most of his time teaching, playing, and recording. 

Active since 2007