During the cold winter months of 2016-2017, the Daredevils band member, producer, and studio owner, Nick Sibley asked John, Steve, and Supe if they wanted to record a few songs.  With a few days open in his busy studio schedule, the rest of the band showed up ready to play. The initial idea was to cut just a few songs for an EP. Keeping everything efficient and as organic as possible, the band set up in a circle and cut the first tracks live, heads-up. The results were so inspiring that everyone decided to keep it going, recording whenever the studio was open and band member’s schedules allowed.  Because studio time was available only between Nick’s appointments of regular clientele, the band would sometimes record for merely an hour at a time—a routine that would continue, off and on, for the next year. During that long process, new songs kept coming in until, finally, the band decided to call a halt and compile the 16 completed songs onto a CD. The result is off the beaten path, a collection of brand new recordings—the first from The Ozark Mountain Daredevils in twenty years. 

off the beaten path is The Ozark Mountain Daredevils at their very best with new songs that pay homage to the vast and varied history of the band. It is a bold, in-the-moment narrative about fun, love, and life. Dig the sounds, the lyrics, and the feeling. 

Check it out.  Turn it on.  Turn it up.