It'll Shine When It Shines


It'll Shine When It Shines


After many years of anticipation and demand, “IT'LL SHINE WHEN IT SHINES” is finally on CD.  The CD reissue package is based on the complete original album with the exact 12 song track list from the LP of 1974.  All photos, art and lyrics are in the package, plus a couple of extra photos.  It has been Digitally Re-Mastered from The Original Master Tapes, and it’s so great to hear all the tracks in their original order.

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1. You Made It Right
2. Look Away
3. Jackie Blue
4. Kansas You Fooler
5. It Couldn’t Be Better
6. E. E. Lawson
7. Walkin’ Down The Road
8. What’s Happened Along In My Life
9. It Probably Always Will
10. Lowlands
11. Tidal Wave
12. It’ll Shine When It Shines