Molly Healey

Molly is a violinist, cellist, guitarist, and singer-songwriter living in Springfield, Missouri.  Originally from Jefferson City, she moved to Springfield to attend Missouri State University where she obtained her Master of Arts degree in Music.  After graduating she began experimenting with improvisational fiddle music, which has blossomed into a career as a touring fiddle player and private instructor.  She has since traveled around the world with bands such as Andy Frasco and the UN, Cornmeal, and Big Smith. 

 After numerous appearances on the recordings of other artists from around the region, Molly released her first solo album, Nightbirds, in the fall of 2015, and Human was released in December of 2017.   Molly began performing in live shows with the Dares in 2012, and the response was extremely enthusiastic, from both the audience and band members.  Her fiddle, cello, and background vocals add tremendously to the depth and quality of the Dares’ unique sound.  She contributed to the recording of Off the Beaten Path (2017).  Molly is a very busy working musician, but she performs live as a special guest with the Dares as often as her schedule allows. View more at

 Active as Guest Artist since 2012