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Nick Sibley

Nick grew up in El Dorado Springs, Missouri and moved to Springfield to attend Missouri State University.  After graduating with a degree in Marketing, Nick played in bands around Springfield, instead of “getting a real job."  Over the decades he has played with The Skeletons, Sweet and Sassy, Nick, Ruell, and Ned the Band (for more than 25 years), and Nick, Ruell, and Abbey. 

In 1981 Nick opened his recording studio Nick Sibley Music, and has used his formidable musical skills to produce numerous album projects for a variety of artists in the area.  The Dares recorded the albums 13 and Off The Beaten Path in Nick’s studio, and he served as co-producer on the latter.  

A long-time admirer of the Dares, Nick says that he "Is honored to be performing live with his old friends, and is thrilled to contribute to this legendary group of good people."  

Active since 2008