The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Press Release Date: 08/23/2019


As many of you know, Steve Cash has been dealing with personal health issues for quite some time now. After much soul-searching, and many thoughtful conversations about the future of the band, the co-founding members are in mutual agreement that the best thing for Steve’s continued health improvement is a transition to a non-touring partner of The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. This decision was difficult for everyone, but the physical demands of travel and performing are just too taxing for his well being at this time.

Steve will continue to be involved in all business aspects of the band, and we look forward to his insight, creative vision, and skills as a writer and producer on all upcoming recording projects. He will also continue to play an important role in every decision that affects our brand, our products, and our trademark.

Everyone in our current line-up has focused all of their immense talent into making this adjustment smooth and successful. Steve’s harp style is unmistakable, and practically impossible to emulate. In that regard, we want to convey a special thank you to Nick Sibley for being so dedicated to Steve’s approach to the harp, and for doing his very best to cover Steve's time-honored sound.

Thank you, our loyal fans for being so understanding, gracious, and compassionate. We are grateful for your patience, and we would never take for granted the true value of our followers and friends.

In humble gratitude,

John Dillon, Michael Supe Granda, Steve Cash

And our esteemed band mates—David Painter, Ron Gremp, Kelly Brown, Bill Jones, Ruell Chappell, Nick Sibley, and Molly Healey