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Ruell Chappell

Ruell joined The Ozark Mountain Daredevils in 1976 based on the recommendation from Buddy Brayfield, who was leaving the band to attend medical school.  Ruell was with the band in 1978 for the recording of Don’t Look Down and It’s Alive, but he left the band in 1980 after relocating to Pensacola, Florida.  Returning to Springfield in 1983 he re-established his production studio business and began performing with his business partner Nick Sibley.  Ruell was invited to rejoin the band in 2008 and performed on the album projects Alive & Wild (2011) and Off The Beaten Path (2017). He thoroughly enjoys being back in the Dares along with his friends, the laughs, and the music!  

Active 1976-1980, and currently since 2008.