Fall Down, Go Boom


Fall Down, Go Boom


“Fall Down” began when Supe started writing songs with Mark Horn (co-writer on five of the tunes). The two quickly assembled a rock-n-roll band, introduced a small horn section, began playing Wednesday nights at the Family Wash (Nashville’s coziest club) and recorded this at Nashville’s legendary, Fry Pharmacy.

1. Count Me Out

2. Fall Down, Go Boom

3. No Looking Back

4. She Was Ugly

5. Nine Days

6. Stop, Look & Listen

7. Reindeer Thing

8. Happy Birthday to Me (Night Before Christmas)

9. Listen to the Boys Go, “Ooh-aah”

10. She My “My, My, My”

11. Pickin’ Up Things

12. New Set of Problems

13. Demolition Derby

14. Venice Café Polka

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