The Springfield Chronicles


The Springfield Chronicles


"The Springfield Chronicles" was studio recorded on 2-track analog during the mid-80s in Springfield MO.  The recording project was an effort at capturing the live energy of the original “Supe & The Sandwiches” band at the many gigs they played in the Springfield area.  This disc is a chronicle of the songs as well as the crazy times from which they came.

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1. Rockin' Chair
2. Makin' a Living, Not a Killing
3. Chains of Misery
4. Happy Hour
5. Hey Jose
6. Ode to Mel Bay
7. Pasta Man
8. Secret Weapon
9. Yuppie Blues
10. Born with a Beard
11. Local King
12. Lord of the Shuffleboard
13.  City Limits
14. Dial 1-800-WHEN-I'M-GONE