Alive & Wild


Alive & Wild


A ‘live’ album by The Daredevils titled “ALIVE & WILD” is now available!  Since 2006 the Daredevils have performed at the Wildwood Springs Lodge in Steelville, Missouri.  In the Fall of 2010 the show was recorded.  The album is a two-disc set, with 21 tracks including old favorites, some rare songs, and a couple of new ones. In all, a great night of fun and music.  The package is a modern, ecologically friendly folder. The artwork is unique, as are all Daredevils albums.  There is also a great photo layout of the band inside.  The recording is top quality. The band line up is John Dillon, Steve Cash, Michael ‘Supe’ Granda, Ron Gremp, Dave Painter, Kelly Brown, Bill Jones, Ruell Chappell, and Nick Sibley.

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1. Standing On The Rock
2. Noah
3. Southern Cross
4. Colorado Song
5. Homemade Wine
6. Chicken Train
7. Yours And Mine
8. Fly Away Home
9. Ooh Boys (It’s Hot)
10. E. E. Lawson

1. Walkin’ Down The Road
2. Arroyo
3. It Probably Always Will
4. The Vine & The Rose
5. Black Sky
6. Ode To Mel Bay
7. You Made It Right
8. Gonna Buy Me A Car
9. If You Wanna Get To Heaven
10. Beauty In The River
11. It’ll Shine When It Shines