The Car Over The Lake Album


The Car Over The Lake Album


The long awaited reissue of  "THE CAR OVER THE LAKE ALBUM" is now available on CD in a top quality package with the original cover art, photos, and lyrics.  The 14 tracks include the songs from the "The Little Red Record". The music has been Digitally-Remastered from the Original Master Tapes for the best sound quality. 

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1. Keep On Churnin'
2. If I Only Knew
3. Leatherwood
4. Cobblestone Mountain
5. Mr. Powell
6. Gypsy Forest
7. Thin Ice
8. From Time To Time
9. Southern Cross
10. Out On The Sea
11. Whippoorwill
12. Establish Yourself
13. Time Warp
14. Journey To The Center Of Your Heart