Don't Look Down


Don't Look Down


After much anticipation, you can now get the Don’t Look Down album on CD! The CD package includes the original 11 song track list plus 3 ‘Bonus Tracks' of unreleased material.  These 3 songs have never been on any album or single and will delight the fans.  The package also includes the song lyrics and photos from the 1977 LP.  All tracks have been Digitally Re-mastered from the Original Master Tapes

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1. River To The Sun
2. Crazy Lovin'
3. Giving It All To The Wind
4. The Fox
5. Backroads
6. Snowbound
7. Following The Way That I Feel
8. Love Makes The Lover
9. True Believer
10. Moon On The Rise
11. Stinghead
12. Sweetwood
13. Plainity
14. Valencia Road