Chicken In The Yard


Chicken In The Yard


“Becoming Silly Grandpa was easy”, Supe says. “I was always the goofy kid who loved silly songs, like “Purple People Eater”, “Alley-Oop” and “Surfin’ Bird”. The sillier the song was, the more I liked it. When my grandkids came along, it was fun to write simple, little tunes to entertain them. I just became a silly grandpa”.

This eleven-song set is sure to tickle children from age 3 to 83. “Most of the songs aren’t much over two-minutes long. That’s fine with me. Playing music for little kids is a blast. They don’t care if you forget a couple lyrics. All they want to do is dance around, clap their hands and act silly – kinda like me”.

1. Silly Grandpa Song

2. Chicken in the Yard

3. We Like to Bake and Cook

4. Biscuits & Gravy

5. My Dog, Bob

6. Three Little Olives

7. Shuckin’ Corn

8. Diggin’ in the Dirt

9. Santa Claus is Coming in the Morning

10. It Ain’t Rocket Science, It’s Rock-n-Roll

11. Belly Button Polka

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